How to create native app from my php website

hi sir,
I have a php website

i want to make this as native app…Requests are send from app to database…

is it possible…please reply

Hi @nookeshkarri7 welcome to the community
Yes you can.If you have a mysql database ( I think WordPress)
Or you can use web viewer to convert your website into an app.

sir…if i created webviewer all external links showing inside the webviewer.share site option not working…all links are strictly opening inside…

is there any possibility to make the webviewer external links to go through external browser not all links.

for example …

sir,my site is not wordpress site…full php coding site from backend…how to create app from database not webviewer

Which database are you using?

sir,mysql datable

One question…
What do you want?
Means convert whole website into an app or just login page.

yes…sir…whole app
if it is not possible…
is there any possibility to follow external links in webviewer to go out instead of showing all links inside…

Then you have two options:
1.As you have database ready with sync so users registered on website can login in app so you have to create everything again except database.
2.This one is quite simple.Just convert your website into app using web viewer.

As it is your website so you know that all pages and link contain a particular text but not with external links.So in webviewer when an URL is clicked than check it is external or internal.

sir,i created webviewer for my site…when i click whatsapp share button(which is designed with site) in webviewer…it is not going outside.getting error after loading inside…

If you show the blocks then it’ll e helpful

Here’s your answer.:slightly_smiling_face: