How to create over layer arrangement?

I wanna create fill parent over layer arrangement for my app but there is no option to do so. The bottom sheet component is kinda ok but not perfect for my project and I have used any dialog but its a dialog not fill parent over layer on top of other components on screen. so what is the solution?

Can you elaborate your problem with help of screenshots ,like sharing what you want

use notifier, set full screen = true, it will layer on top of any arrangement


You can use this as a layer over any component/arrangement :slight_smile:


What is the meaning of id here? Is this referring to component? Not working…


add an integer block to id


YOU CAN GIVE ANY Id to it like 1,2,3 etc doesnt matter it doesnt refer to any component, rather it is its own id, so give it any id

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Not working. It’s just showing a blank screen. How would this refer to the component which I want?

if u are setting everything to blank text, it will show blank screen


Are you serious ? You are setting everything blank and asking why is it showing a blank screen ?

this is what i told him

I want an arrangement to show as an over-layer okay… Not wanna build a new dialog…

find in notifier blocks you will find custom dialog, attach arrangement to it, whatever u want

Bro… R u okay or what… Dialog component does not have the option for full screen…

Take a look at the below topic :point_down:

It’s not exactly what you want but with some experiments, you can achieve the desired result.

This is what you want. Create whatever overlay arrangment you want make it visible and then attach it here.


Yea you are right Cian but it’s a dialog component which is without the option of fill parent for both side of an arrangement. Thats the issue here…

Create a component that fills the entire screan. use a Vertical Arrangment, and you can design a “mini screen” in it. Then point to that component.

Are you looking for something more like this?

Yea…As I said you are awesome.:+1: I think you know about bottom sheet function in android, I want that functionality but in fill parent size.