How to make an overlapping card?

Can anyone tell me how to make an overlapping card like this one:


Hope somebody can make this design in makeroid


Just wait for few minutes Maybe I can help you


Here you go Maybe this can help you Although its not perfect but it looks similar to the design you asked for
(Note: I just used screen1 background image which is only required image at top other part is blank )
OverlapCardview.aia (1.6 MB)


Thanks but this is not what I’m looking for. :smile:
What you did is just put a card over your apps background image. But I want the card to hover over other components say any arrangement.
But what you did for me is really appreciated.


Yeah it was a background image

At last I got the solution on the Thunkable community. :star_struck:

there is extension call parallax by andres contes, might be that you are looking for

btw @Mika is it possible to integrated such parallax extension to internal component ini makeroid ?

makeroid pe thunkable promote kr rhe ho…:joy::joy::joy::joy: use scrollable screen to hover

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I don’t think that scrollable screen can hover components over each other :thinking: … But if you really think it possible then can you explain it?

And yes I’m not really trying promote Thunkable… I just found the answer and I posted it here in makeroid

no but i think it can hover those cards over that background image

I think you haven’t read the full topic carefully…

That’s the only possible way right now!

Did you tried this?

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