How to Create Procedure for Most Current Data

How to create a procedure to choose a longer date.
I’m creating an app using internal storage (tinydb)
tag would be in the format MM/yyyy


10/2021, 11/2021, 12/2021, 01/2022 …

In the logic below it will get the value 12/2021


When the year comes, it’s not going to work, will keep calling 12/2021 and not 01/2022 as I would like.

How about using clock component
Screenshot 2021-09-14 at 1.32.36 PM

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Yes it is very simple, just use month and year in clock component… automatically you can get data as you like

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I don’t think I was clear.

I’m using this clock component to save the tags

What is needed is a logiga, for when searching the tags saved in the database. let it look for the newest tag.

You want this ?

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I think you have not define your query well… you want the very latest tag or biggest value tag??

Yes, that’s right

As you did? that’s exactly it

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Used ListAddon extension . Blocks are draggable


You are very good.

Thank you very much, it helped me a lot. I had this problem for days.


If works for you mark solution :white_check_mark: in order to help others with same problem


What components are these? I’m not locating.

forgive my incompetence

Also you do not have to replicate my blocks. Download them and drag them to creator


you can try this too…

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