How to create Professional Privacy Policy dialog?

How to create privacy policy dialog.

You should provide more informations and not just only a video

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What information you guys need?

Maybe If its your own work and else.
Make your topic interesting for others

Just use web viewer component and tick on scroll

very simple just use custom notifer then add label add privacy policy on label text and tick as a html
first just convert your text to html here is website

Create a layout or other component and register in a custom notifier, np:


I think using notifier will not make it full screen width .I tried that but not worked in Android KitKat.
May Easy Dialog can solve your problem @Yasir_Shakoor?
If you need that reply.

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Same here bro, i also tried.

What’s it bro?

Why ask the same question in the Thunkable forum when you are helped here? I think it is a lack of respect for everyone who is spending their free time to help you. Next time they will think twice before doing that again.

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make a layout with label, webview and button. Make the layout visible and others invisible.

Inside webviewer put a html with your text. It will scroll when you drag the text. Press the button to accept the terms.

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Thanks a lot, will try it​:kissing_heart: