How to Create Random usernames

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I am making an Application For Social Exhcanges!

I am at my Sign Up Screen but i want that if user Enters a Username that is Already Registered so that shows Custom Username Likely his/her Name

So Please help me

Also I am A begineer (not so much but I m)

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Please be more elaborative and provide more details like
Which database are u using
And what have u tried yet
Are you clear about username creation method mean should it created by his first name, last name or any other random name… Provide above mentioned details so that others can help you easily

Thank You For Your Reply

I am Using Firebase Authentication and Firebase Database Both Methods in My App

Yes I want that it Generates Username From Both First and Last Name (Randomly)

Like this in google Signup it Shows Random Usernames


it will help to add random numbers from usernames so that every username is different

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(Maybe) this:

Note: you have to check yourself if the username is taken

Thank You
I will Try this Also

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I tried this but that is useless Because it Generate random that r given to it Names and Don’t Generate Random name from the input from user

I mean that it generate Random Names that are Given/feeded in that extension

Well of course

U can do it simpley by using this block provided by @Soham_Shah

And to be more precise you have to pick user’s full name and then join them with random generated number

And when user writes his name u can run a search query to check if this name is already present or not

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Thank you

i m Working On it

What about this one?


Great Idea
Thank You

I will must implement This in my app

I have also made Everyone’s Email + Mobile number and username unique

Btw Thank You for this Great idea

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Welcome as always :slightly_smiling_face:

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