How to create Self Hosted FTP server like cloudinary without 3rd party website

How to create own FTP Server to store Android App user data & Files.

Maximum Live access to FTP Server - 50,000 User

Please help if anyone know about this.

How to create own FTP server



i’m also in Searching but there are too many ways with 3rd party website. i want to fully own cloud server.

& the way is best

That is beyond the scope of what Kodular does.

Kodular would be the Client side. Check Cloud providers for FTP access.

Not sure why you would want this.


okk i want to create self hosted server. bacause of paid server is very costly.
i’m working on app like Instagram. but use of app completely different. so there no. of users & amount of data is big.
otherwise cloudinary works best for my app. but it is not perfect acording to budget & long term hosting.

In short i want to make self hosted cloudinary server.

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You Just Want a FTP Server which mean you have to buy some Server “Hostings with CPanel” From Any of The Hosting Provider Services. Then Create some FTP Accounts and Connect To Kodular For Further Use as your wants.

Video related to Connecting FTP To Kodular :

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