How to create such a schema on FireBase?

Hi all !
I would like to be able to create a diagram like this:

How do I write the Json file for FireBase? If possible, of course.

My goal is to create an application where I can record information for each day (in this case here, client name> type of job> number of hours spent on this job). I tried with AirTable, but I can’t do what I want.

Could you please help me ? Give me a clue, a start of code in Json? Thanks everyone!

I think I figured out how to do it manually in FireBase directly, and then export to Json.

But from Kodular, how do you save kind of values in this kind of structure? Do I have to use the Buckets?

See an example

I will suggest you to go with gsheet.

You can create individual sheet from the app it self. So everyday day can be sent free of cost to the gsheet, very convenient.

Thanks to you two. I will look at the example with firebase.

For GoogleSheet, I think it won’t work, the principle is similar to Airtable, right?

i feel more good with gsheet. because airtable have limitation but gsheet doesnot