How to Create this Maths Logic

I want to create a logic such that if a value in a label lies between 0 to 5 then set img to 1.png, otherwise if img lies between 5 to 10 then set img to 2.png and if the value of that label lies between 10 to 15 The set img to 3.png

You can do it with simple if/else conditions. I don’t see any problems.


Trie this with math componet
is label 1 less or equal to 5 show 1.png
is label 1 major 5 and less or equal to 10 show 2.png
is label 1 major 10 and less or equal to 15 show 3.png


You could try this instead to make it a clever procedure (30 blocks):

Is this what you want?

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And these with 43 blocks, but optimized so it doesn’t check each 0-5, 5-10 and 10-15 every time.

Please reply if it helps/we misunderstood you.


Here with 25 block

I hope all block be right :wink:


This Was The Cleverest of all. ThanKyou

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With 18 blocks

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This one also displays an error message if the number is over 15. @YugamAggarwal

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You are wrong all 1.png
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