How to create typing text (animated text) left to right like this

i dont know why video is going blank

Not sure if this is me, but I am not seeing anything

Same but I am making a typing effect…


TypingAnimation.aia (2.7 KB)
Is this procedure good?

ya i m checking

not workimng

You need to use the procedure somewhere… I only created the procedure. I think you directly tested it in companion right?

yes i m checking in compenion

TypingAnimation (1).aia (3.0 KB)
Try this one, I added the call procedure block…

thank you working

Add the procedure and the clock timer in your Backpack and put them in the app you need.

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Create to 2 arrangement horizontal in videos player and clickable true
Background color none
Double tap video current position + 10s or -20s
Use it

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