How To create Username Via Using Users Name And Numbers And How To Store That In Firebase?

How To Create Random Code With Alphabets and Number?.. Like This
Ex:- 1) Ae1d1
How To Choose Half Username?.. Like This
Ex:- If My Name Is Nikhil Then It Want To Show Nik.
If My Name Is Sameer Then it Want To Show Sam.

You can use segment block from Text.

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Use this procedure:

randomize.aia (4.1 KB)

randomize.apk (3.9 MB)


Instead of nesting the init blocks, you can click the cog to declare more variables in one go.

Length is misspelled. :stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t need to break the loop, since the next cycle will evaluate false anyway.

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its possible via using user information like this:-
If My Username Is Nikhil And My Mobile Number Is 141947294 (its not real) Then Its want to show Like This :- Nik141

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i can use tiny db for (Name And Number) and i can save that in fire base?

I get the feeling that you are a real beginner in Makeroid. In your screenshot of your other topic you are working with Firebase blocks. Do you know the basic blocks of Makeroid? It’s good to know the basics before going any further.

yes i am beginner and i try to learn makeroid and i only know firebase and tiny db and i don`t know other blocks:sweat_smile::sweat_smile: yes i want know the basics and i searched on YouTube but no one explain in detail (specially in hindi language) thats why i try to learn makeroid without watching any videos ( i only know hindi language and little bit of english ) i only watch pixii bomb videos (its about firebase and tiny db).

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These are videos of Makeroid in Hindi.

can you please tell me ? i can use tiny db for (Name And Number) and i can save that in fire base? because i try to use other method but value save false false. i am going to test this method thank you for your help

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I never used Firebase, so can not help you with that.

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You should open a different topic for that. You original question was about making random code and half usernames. This question is a different one. Search the forum. Questions about firebase are asked many times before, with sample code and all.

Stay with your topic here. Don’t open a new one with the same question.

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link please of How To create Username Via Using Users Name And Numbers?
Its Want Shows Like This:- If My Name Is NIkhil And Number is 12045765
Then Its Want To Show in Profile Like :- Nik120

Not any separate video but you can follow the playlist for beginners . From playlist you can learn how to split text or use segment text component and how to use :fire: firebase . then easily you can create like this :point_down:

@walya_express ok Thanks i Will See That but Can You Please Share That Video Link?
@hammerhai see this :-

Error :-
If Anything Wrong In My Block Then Please Tell Me

You dont have anything Stored in the TinyDB that’s referring to Name or Mobile, use an Orange Variable block instead to make it store Persistently. Check this topic:, for if a Variable will be more reliable. The answer, yes it is.

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