How to define if url open in browser or app?

Hi Koders,
How and where I set code in my website or app, to define/choose if url openings is in browser or app?

I just wanna Chrome users who have our app be able to choose whether to browse by Chrome or app.

Like attached image…

Use deeplink extension

Hi, thank you, but unfortunately I’m not able to compile on the kodular, showing an error message.

I tried to use the extension by downloading from this link:

And also directly through GitHub: GitHub - vknow360/DeepLink: Add deep link support to apps (For MIT AI2 and its distros)

Well, I post a message in the post you suggested and I will wait if there is any solution.


What’s the error message?
Also, the Developer if the extension is suspended in kodular community, you might want to ask questions about his extensions in his website:

Ya, you sure…I’ll try to get in touch with him.

Anyway, here’s message error:


And in file:

ERROR: io/kodular/meavagas_seo/MeaVagas/MeaVagasPesquisar.yail line 64: caught exception in inliner for # - java.lang.RuntimeException: no such class: com.sunny.DeepLink.DeepLink

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