How to delete all row data in mysql?

I want to clear/delete all the data from my table , but not the title of my data.Screenshot_3
I want to delete the Red marked Data only. From user app

Use SQL Delete command.

i try to find command , but i dint get in internet

Go to the Sql tab( in phpmyadmin) run one of the below query:

Delete from yourtable

DELETE FROM table_leadr WHERE img; wrong sql error

my table name is = leadr

Where is wrong.
Where img = "something " .

img is the column data only i want to delete

i am trying to use this code…
DELETE FROM table_name WHERE condition ;

Where fieldname = “something”

but if i use some thing it will not delete the entire column. i think

To delete everything, you don’t need where.
“something” is a example

when i use this

it delete just 1 row

of course yes. there is only one id = 2

if i have 1000 id how i will do that thing so i want to do that in one click

I already answered above.

this one
DELETE FROM leadr WHERE di=2; if i remove where
DELETE FROM leadr di=2;
it will get errror

One more time you didn’t read my answer.

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But i dont want to delete my entire table.

No ?

But title will be delete
Example my …

No . There are no titles. They are field names
You need to study the database.

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