How to delete dynamic component list

hello friends i have created a list with the help of dynamic components i want to delete this if user click button please help me see blocks

Use DynamicComponents.Remove block then pass corresponding component id

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i have used but not deleting after button click its only deleting button

Your block is not clear. Reupload it with high quality

You have to remove all the components associated with the same ID as the button

please send blocks i do not understand

check again

Does your contains text block return true? In if statement?

no after button click not any response

Because it returns false so the statement won’t execute

please help what i do

Remove the if statement directly use Remove block and type btn in segement, ver in replacement

ok i do wait

not any response

Type ver in replacement

ok`wait i do

ok its working but one list is not deleting

Which one? explain it


it is not working properly