How to delete dynamic component list

can you record the screen and send whats happening?

I think some of the components is not created by dynamic components extension. Show your designer screen shot

after that btn was deleted but arrngment is not deleting!

ok wait i do

BTW which version of extension are you using?


ok i m trying

after that one list is not deleting but btn was deleting

Make sure that this is even part of the list and not some other component

sometimes is deleting all list but sometimes is remaining one list

ok i see wait

thank u so much moderator this is workimg that was my mistake

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not working sometimes see this button was deleted but arrangement was not deleted

Can you please provide an aia that replicates this behavior…

ok i found where is error actually vertical arrangement was clickeble when sometimes i click arrangement then that was detected by the btn when i done clickable to false then that problen was solved . thanks u so much

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