How to delete file name with notifier from dynamic components list

hello friend i have a list i want to delete file nme but it is not happening please help me below blocks

blocks (36) blocks (37) blocks (38) blocks (40)

global ids is a empty list.


Call Dynamic Components1 Remove ID Select List Item and GIve List with Proper Index

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ok i m trying wait

Okay , And If It was the solution then tick solution and end this topic.

see its give error

Global IDS is your list .... Why are you putting it as index??

because ids is an index.when i click delet image it is setting to ids list.everything is good .arrangement are deleting but flle nme is not deleting

hello see this is working but main problem title is not deleing and gives error

blocks (36) blocks (37) blocks (38) blocks (40)

First check your select list item on delete file join is returning what I think it is not working

yes this is not working

What it is returning


see its returning error

Check your when any image click block you are replacing img to label this is the reason the error is occurinng set replacement to empty string and it will work fine


ok i m trying

i think it will work but you can find answer if you look here


thank u so much yar

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your state?

o i m from bihar but u r amazing and give me your email id