How to delete offline application my friends phone

Create an application on your website. I shared it with my friends through WhatsApp. But my friends are abusing it. Please delete this. This has created a situation where I lose my job.

Project information

CREATED : Dec. 8, 2020, 2:28 p.m.

PACKAGE NAME : io.kodular.tvsgroup55.Attendance

APP NAME: Attendance

Kodular can not delete installed apps. If your friends are abusing it they are not your friends.


Even if Kodular could delete the app, and they can’t, the app would still be on your so-called friends’ phones.

You will need to speak to them to get them to delete it.

If it contains online elements, such as Firebase, Airtable etc, you can delete them.

Send them a so called update that does nothing.


No Way To Delete apk from other phone . You have only way that give a app update if it’s on playstore . If it’s not in playstore than you have no way to give the update until you set the algorithm to do it. Or create new application

Tell me how to delete with Firebase

Delete your Firebase DB that is connected to the app. Go into the Firebase console and delete it there.

You don’t delete it with firebase, you delete any online database lf used, like firebase, in order to make app useless

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for this thing you need an ethical hacker

The only option would be to send your “friends” an update that contains an almost empty APK, but that requests WRITE permission, searches the /Download folder (or even the entire device via listing all APKs) for the old APK and (if there) removes it. After that there would be no way to reinstall the old version.


Hopefully this will work.

However, his friends presumably already know that he wants them to delete the app. In such a case would they want him to update it? Surely they are not silly enough to fall for the trick and believe that the update will make the app better.

As already mentioned he should delete the Firebase DB if it will solve the problem.

firebase DB delete. but not working

Tell us about your app, what it does etc.

Tell your colleagues, it’s a prank the app contains malware that will soon capture all the data from their from and send it to me :grin::rofl:

Please only stick to serious suggestions. A child wouldn’t believe what you are suggesting.


@Tvs_Group there is also another way if you can somehow manage to add a Gmail account(Gmail must also be on your device) in there device by asking them or making any kind of story then after that you can use find my device application to completely format their devices

ohh god. It’s so funny :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: