How to delete row in airtables from list?

Hi there. I struggle finding out how to delete rows I select in my list.

Any suggestion?

Here’s the blocks I use for getting the data, and there are 2 columns, "Antall " and "Produkt " that’s being stored together into Global Variable Liste by numbers.

But when I ex. select Banana in list, I want the row starting with banana deleted in Airtables, but then I guess I need to know what number it’s on? How to to this?

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I think there is a block as
Get index of list by item name
Use the index to delete, using airtable delete block

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I will have a look at it when I come home from work :+1:

Sorry, can’t find this.

I have NO clue what to do :tired_face:


I don’t exactly understood what do you exactly meant by this :point_down:

But maybe @Jerin_Jacob is telling you to do something like this example :point_down:



I will try that out. I figured out how to delete row, but then the row number in app has to be the same as in database, else I will delete wrong row :stuck_out_tongue:

But for now I’m good, after one line in list is deleted I refresh the list auto and then it updates with same rownumber as in database :slight_smile:


Hmm… :thinking: Seems interesting i would like to try that out just to see how it works.

Anyways good to know that it is working for you now.

Hey @Choofa I tried this :point_down:

But the below logic works best for me. I mean i am able to delete exactly what i want to, from both the list as well as the sheet.



Happy to know that it worked for you. :slight_smile:
Thank you.

It was waaaay better than what I used to get it work :+1::joy:

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