How to delete special characters? (<,>,/)


I cannot delete these special characters.(Bkz; <,>,/)
How can I do?

From where you want to delete ?


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This method doesn’t work.

Try replace %3C instead of <

didn’t happen

Use Do it on Metin_Kutusu1.Yazi and post a screenshot

Replace works fine so the problem is in your text and that is the reason I asked for a screenshot


I tried but it didn’t work. “Do it” only works here.

I’m trying again based on the picture you sent. it worked for you

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I am very new to kodular and my English is not very good. I am sorry for this. I solved the problem using Dictionary as you showed. Thank you for this you have been very helpful.

This only works for <, > and /. If the creator needs to remove other special characters as well, a more complex answer would be mandatory.

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