How to detect a vertical swipe from up to down?

I want to fire a function whenever a person swipes from down to up. Any answer or even a hint would be appreciated.


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You’d need to use a canvas and the “When Canvas flung” block.

Up is 90 degrees, Down is 270.

So you could check for a swipe between 45 and 135 for an Up direction (or make it tighter if you want),

Down you would check for a swipe between 235 and 315 degrees (or tighter).

See here.


I can’t use canvas in my condition. I want to detect it on a layout arrangement.
Is there any other way to detect a swipe ( on a layout ) ??

well… still thanks for your reply.

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Hi, Check this extension, may be help


I think he ask to swipe so may be extension is of no used…

Maybe this can help you


I’m sorry if I was wrong.
But please read this: [Free] Tabs look WhatsApp - #ThunkableClassicExtensions - Community

Need change to set all to Vertical Scroll Arrangement.
I remenber make a app with tabs like whastapp using colintree extension with clock. If i found my aia, i can share my file

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i am sorry . I thought that for swipe purpose this extension is not that much useful. But if you think it works then i am ok…

This extension of mine could be useful:


Your extension look great. I test this soon.

Thanks a lot… exactly what I needed.

Sorry, I hadn’t realised. Still, it’s good you’ve got the correct solution.

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