How to detect if app is running on chromebook

I’m trying to detect if the user runs my app on a chromebook.

After some research, I found this Java code (which Google offically uses, actually)

  public static boolean isArc() {
    return (Build.DEVICE != null && Build.DEVICE.matches(".+_cheets|cheets_.+"));

Source: How to detect programmatically if “Android App” is running in chrome book or in Android phone ( Answer 2

How do I use this in Kodular? Is there somebody who can make a extension if needed?
Thank you :slight_smile:

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I haven’t tested the code you’ve given, but here you go…

com.github.flailingoctopus.featuresupport.aix (21.1 KB)

It works! Thank you!

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Hi @firojmultane4567,

This isn’t the right place to talk about developing other extensions for your purpose. If you’d like, you can post the extension request in the #marketplace:request category, that way everyone could contribute to your request, not only one person.


:octopus: Nathan

Ok I requested in Market place

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