How To Detect That app is Open in Virtual apps

Hi coders,… does anyone know how we can cheek that app is open in emulator or in a virtual apps please reply or if it has any paid extension PM me Please i need it argent…

Kodular has a build in extension called Device Utilities.

thank you for your reply but it doesn’t have to check virtual space apps like parallel spaces

But you can check that any app like Parallel Space is installed on device or not using Package Utilities.

hey man thanks for your reply but in the play store 1000+ apps like parallel space apps are published so its very hard to detect…all

You are right…but you can do it for some popular apps.
But why you want check for virtual space?

m make a app using MySQL database but some cheater hack the points using GG & Virtual space apps so i need it yr…help me

You can store Device ID in your database and before any sign up check that particular devide id already exists or not.
Since virtual apps don’t generate Device ID so it should be easy for you.

I was aware of ‘this’ feature of virtual apps.I had heard that Lucky Patcher is used to hack games but never tried Parallel Space to ‘hack’ a game.

hey…m already added this is not a problem the cheaters does not creating multiple accounts they are just run value to hack data…i dont know how the MySQL hacked i send the secret key & URL from airtable… please help me…i m in a big problem

You should use this to store secret credentials:


But still I am not understanding what the problem is?

already buddy…can u give me email or whatsapp num?

But why you need it?

nah…leave it i will handle it thanks for your replays