How to Develop Walkie Talkie App

Hi Everybody,

I want to develop Walkie Talkie app in Kodular which can work on W-Fi/Data/Sim and have personalized channel to talk, but I am not so good in it. I just have basic knowledge of Kodular.

Can anyone help me and explain step by step procedure to develop the app?


u can pm someone and ask. walkie means a calling app so u can use a calling component and use network component
u can check these things more on kodular docs

You could’ve edited your post, there was no reason to reply again with just asking if they meant a game.

sorry i have heard some walkie games too

Well you could try using a text/speech component then like a chat app, only this time, messages are sent over with recorded voices?? Just a simple logic, as my professor would say, there are lots of ways to solve a problem…

I don’t want voice chat app, I want an App with real time talking.

Walkie Talkie is an hardware device which are used by Security, Police and many more.

There are many Apps on Play Store, but I can’t find the features as I want.

One of the simple App on Play Store is

first of all it is possibe partially.if u are doing for police agencies make different channels to talk and give no. i cant explain well here i can create a guide or send apk

no hardware supports here . have u tried Arduino?