How to disable a button in a specific period

i want to disable a multiple button for specific period, for example if a user select a start point is 6:00 pm and the end point is 7:00 pm during this period the button will be disabled afterword it will be enabled, how i can do that?
Parks_copy_parking_lots.ais (32.6 KB)

with online time or system(device) time???

system time mean, if user changes device time, it can be over written (disabled button will be enabled)… if online time mean user cont change the time…

prefer online

all the buttons? or only the buttons used for reservation???

no, only the reserved button, but i want to apply the same method to the other buttons, because i don’t know witch button will the user select

But there is no blocks for confirmation of reservation… how can i understand it?

I picked the date, and both time afterwards??? How will you link the buttons?? pls clarrify to help you better

i made it as a last step because i haven’t found a way to send the reservation details to the user

welll… I have did half… Once user picked any button for reservation , pls save the button component in tinydb with tag name (pls see the web got text block)

it will work

Sorting_1_ImportCEG84H.ais (6.3 KB)

im sorry but i cant import the file, can you make a screenshots?

i have added one logic for reservation pls test in tis aia… wait fo few min… uploading

sorry im lost, where you are uploading it?

i cant open the screen that you have created, every time i open the screen this message pops up
please can you give me a screenshot?

Yesterday it was already midnight so unable to respond you. Wait for few more minute. I will share you my design .

oh im sorry :pray:

pls test this…

parking.aia (140.5 KB)

You can save the reserved button or index in any database…

During init call these booked buttons from db and design the same

I have used the condition that it will accept only future dates else it will throw an alert also user cannot use less than the initial time

looks great, but how i can save the reservation details into a database?, so if he try to reserve it again or another user try to reserve it it will be reserved, and is there a way that when a user reserve a spot he will get an email contains his reservation details?

see in when web got text… there i used an alert… Booking confirmed… this is the place you need to workaround… save the index of the button against user nae in firebase… also call this booked buttons from firebase during screen init

Use this script code to send email once registration is confirmed…

I have arranged the blocks orderly so that you can understand the workflow and you can add your own logic too

im sorry but i don’t know how to do it