How to disable timer after sending data?

I want to send file of 17 pages to my controller . each page have 128 bytes.
I used timer in my app. timer should run after button press. and should stop after sending all pages.

I am able to achieve the 1st step . after sending 17 pages, I want to disable timer. but timer keep sending data.

I will be grateful if someone could help me to resolve this.

blocks (5)

In this condition, create else condition and just add clock timer enabled to false and try

I am not sure but here just add and try and remove the first. Clock timer enabled to flase block. No need over there

I removed timer enable false and put that ,in else part .
but then , my app does not send any data.

Try to move all the remaining blocks into in this then block and check up, there by only one if then else condition is used in this timer

Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:but,
I am not getting what you are trying to say

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