How to display a scrollable/swipeable gallery of images on screen2

Hi there, I’m making an app with 8 collections of art images.

Screen1 has 9 buttons, 1 ‘how to use this app’ and 8 for the image collections.


  1. How do I integrate a list of images into TinyDB,
  2. how do I call this list so that it displays on Screen2, and
  3. how to make it scrollable or swipeable to move between the images in the list.

I’ve been watching hours of tutorials and found nothing on here, but it seems like it’d be pretty simple to do. I’m stuck. Hope you can help. Please upload simple blocks view, if at all possible. Thanks in advance!

  1. TinyDB cannot store images as I remember, but you can store the path. For me, I will store the path as strings and make a list of all images. If the image is in assets then just simply use the file name.
    2.If you stored as a text list then it is ok to call on screen2