How to display history data has done attendance

hello, I want to make an attendance application and I don’t know how to display attendance when a user has made an attendance, every user who has done an attendance will be able to see the history of whether they have done an attendance or not, I hope you understand what I’m asking because I’m here use google translate

You can use list view along with tiny db to make this kind of app.

can you give aia?

Where did you storing the attendance? Gsheet or spreadsheet or firebase etc

I want it from the airtable but if it’s difficult firebase also no problem

Do you want that admin can also see the user attendence

Yes, I want something like that.

Subject Also

I don’t understand what you mean.

Can you show us what have you tried?

I have used gsheet for attendance registration

I don’t know how you’re storing your data.

for instance you have subjects English and Mathematics
Using airtable you have the subject , attendance score, and status attendance score will be 0 as default and status will be false.

in the app you load the subject along with the score in a list view or something.
i don’t know if you’ll be using fingerprint authentication for your app, but if you use it follow this method.

use a button and name according to the subject it take attendance. when the button clicks you check the status of the subject you want to take attendance. if the status is true; then the fingerprint authentication will be called. after authentication successful then you set the cell of subject score to 1. Now when got cell you clear the listview and load the new data from airtable.

I have developed an attendance app for my institution and its working perfectly but it is advanced application.

am sure with this hint you should be able to make it.

Oh! You want to store it online? Then I would prefer using baserow, i use it for these kind of apps

Thanks for the reply to all of you, I will make my project later and will find out here if I find a problem.

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