How to display lines in textbox?

How to create this type of textbox??

This Is A Simple Textbox Whose Hight & Width Are fill parent & have a background image of note book.

But there is no option to give background image in textbox ??

Set Your Screen Background To Notebook and set your textbox color to none…

Ok I will try this

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It Will Work…

But this is not Sounding Responsive to be implemented.

There must be a Different / Better way.

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Yes. You can create like this

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i can’t see the Ruled Lines.
my comment was respect to that.


How do you see if there is no line :laughing: :laughing:

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The image is shrink when keyboard appears

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i guess u could add text in canvas also so using background image i canvas then add text column
else i guess @themaayur can tell coz he won the daily challenge

I not added this in my notes app. So don’t know how can it be implemented :sweat_smile: