How to display the data entered in a textbox, in a component that is NOT a list view? That is, show that data in another place, is it possible?

I need to display data from text fields, but not in a list view

who said you need to use a list view?
if you could be more specific in what it is you’re making I’ll gladly help

I am making a contact guide. Contacts and numbers are programmed to be entered manually from a list view. But I also want it to be “editable”. That is, to each contact already made, you can add an additional note.

For example: This is a manually integrated contact:

“Marie” (contact)
“12345678” (number)

And that contact already made, add another additional data, and they are saved in the same place.

It would look like this:
“I called her last night”

Try entering this note through a text field and displaying it in a second list view; but that makes the notes pile up, and they all show up as a list on each contact.
What I mean is: if I add the data “I called her last night” to the contact of “Marie”; and to the contact of “Peter” add “I’ll call him tomorrow”, it just shows like this:

“I called her last night”

“I’ll call him tomorrow”

Why? Because it is in a list viewer; and that’s what I don’t want. Each contact should have their own note.

So I ask if I can visualize what I input in the text box, somewhere other than the list view (I don’t know much about programming, so I don’t have much idea if it’s possible or not; I’m just following tutorials).

I’d really appreciate it if you could help me.

Use TinyDB To Store Value And Get Value

You can guide yourself through the notepad project that will help you a lot!

  • I advise you to use online and offline databases, online to save global files and offline to edit changes, etc. So the look will not affect your app in terms of speed.

  • Instead of using list view, use card view and within the card view you show your data with a label or textbox but you make the textbox read-only, I advise you to use the dynamic components so they will create themselves.

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