How to display users data to another screen using firebase?

so , what i set on my blocks
see this
:point_down: :point_down:
Are this image is not same??

Isn’t this is your database?

sorry, i post another database photo

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You can try this blocks:
Screen 1:
Instead of this block:
blocks (73)
Use this block:
blocks (74)

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Then this is the right database:

Screen 2:
blocks (75)
blocks (76)
That works only for this:
So is this the right database?

i have change the blocks but then also firebase data is not showing to my another screen!!

Anyone can help me :worried: :slightly_frowning_face:

Can you show blocks in screen2?

Can you show your screen2 blocks?

blocks (8)

You must change the block of screen2 as here:

You didn’t change the blocks!

getting an error

When firebase db got value store it in tiny db and call it from anywhere by using tiny db get value block.

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ok let’s try!!

Take care:
you forget to put “/”…
You must do like this:
blocks (77)
Not like this:
blocks (78)
Notice missing “/”

And you didn’t answer me :
Is this is your database?

yes this is my

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