How to divide a Global list

I want to divide a Global list (main list)

After divide global list

Index 1 To 2 Add in Global part 1 and 3 To 4 in Global part 2


like this?? -

no… it is not ultimate solution

explain more then you want to divide in half??

supposed that 1200 item in a list

then divide index from 1 to 600 in global part 1

and index 601 to 1200 in add global part 2

wait a minute i will show


did it work?

yes …

but if length of list even then does not work

it will work only if the list is even not when list is odd

Maybe like this?:

For an odd list length, the list1 would have 1 more item than list2.

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maybe but your list is of even so you could use mine

Thanks for give valuable time