How to do authentication with app inventor app?


I want to do authentication in my app by sending code via SMS,

and the user will type in the app- the code that he received.

how to do it?


First this is not App inventor.
You can send SMS (generate codes with random integer (at Math section) )with texting component if the user give a real number to you. After that, check with logic equals the code what user typed equals with that you sent in SMS.


can you help me with it?
send a photo of example or aia file please

What @Robert has given you is more then enough of a start.

It is important for you to have enough knowledge of how the apps work if you will maintain them, or teach others.

Please go through the tutorials. There are great ones here and for @thunkable which uses a number of the same principals.

Please take a little time to at least try, and then ask.

I tell you 100%, if you paste blocks that you have tried, with questions, you will get much better answers and contributions.


But i know how to use with the app inventor blocks
i only dont know that think and that it

Please rephrase. I do not understand your response.


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