How to do something like the alt attribute of HTML?

Hi, everyone. I have an app that take some time for the user to learn how to use.
I would like to make some thing like the alt tag of HTML. So, for example, if the user touch-down a component a message appears over or under the component.

I could only think on use the notifier component to show an alert with the message I desire. It works butit is not very beautiful since the alert will be shown always at the same place of the screen.

My question is, is there any component or extension to do what I want?

The BottomSheet is another option, but it will also appear on the same position always


Hello @almeidapablo
You can also try the Flipshare extension by @Jerin_Jacob :point_down:

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Amazing extension. I don’t need that much effect but I guess it is better than notifier or bottomsheet. Thanks a lot, man. I have already seen this extension before but never occurred to me use it in this project.