How to Do this . Overlap

Can Anyone Help How to Overlap Both The Cardview To make This I use Floating View Extension .But I don’t Know To use I want to Do like This

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Use this extension - [PAID]RePosition - Create you Layout

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Ok I Want The Same


@Rogerio_Rios use decoration component . Just set it’s margin in minus which component you want to overlap on other

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I’m not an expert on that. I just answered the question. I don’t know if what I did is the best. But it worked for me. Then, after I will test this tip of yours.

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I am on Phone I will test your Then I will Tell if Success
I will Mark’s you As Solution


I am on Phone I will test your Then I will Tell if Success
I will Mark’s you As Solution @Techy_Gang


Read this post. if its solution then mark as deliver.
Thank you

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Overlap.aia (20.7 KB)

if you are interested you can ask how it works.


No need of extension It can be happen with decoration component or animation utilities


i tried to recreate this from Decoration Component -

what i learn’t -
if i place the label below cardview and then overlap using margins,
then it works.
Label overlaps over cardview.

if i place the label above cardview and then try overlap using margins,
then it don’t works.
Label goes behind the cardview.

if i try to overlap cardview it don’t works in any way, either placed below or above.

i must be doing things wrong maybe. :woman_shrugging:t2:

With decoration component


Great I got Many Answers Maximum Are Correct

It would Be great if There Will Me multiple solution Marker

Best Answer are

Take This @ADDYLIN,@dora_paz


Take This @Rogerio_Rios,@Sumit1334



U are not doing wrong the components that are placed below overlaps

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Why will anyone said if he didn’t get the solution mark :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


This extension is beyond the animation , it’s very best to do animation easily i am using it and it gives good output

Try to find the must suitable answer among all posts. I have removed the solution tick because you put it a wrong place.

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Done Check It

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