How to download any file in Kodular webviewer from .aspx webpages besides .html

In kodular, without any problem, i am using the download functionality in webviewer from all .html web pages.

But here is a problem that i’m not able to download any file from .aspx webpages.

Please suggest … how it can be get done!!!

Have you tried it using the \ 24x24 Download component available under the Connectivity category?


Yes, I tried Download component and also read almost all available topics related this issue but got nothing for this particular problem.

You want to download the .aspx webpage itself? Your question is not so clear…

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No, I don’t want to download .aspx webpage itself. Actually I want to download any downloadable file (like any .pdf file) from a .aspx web page.

Please give me a solution. I really need it. Thanks for your response…