How to download as a specify extention and the folder it should be save

Am working on an audio player … but when i download the file which suppose to be .amr audio it automatically save it as .png.

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  1. How can i set the block so that it downloads it as .amr ?
  2. How can i specify the folder i wish it saves the download file rather than it downloading it in /storage/emulated/0/download/ ?

Are you sure it is not a png file that is being downloaded?
Click the right button mouse on the taifunplayer source block and click at do it. Post here the result.

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Am very sure is “amr” files, in fact i do play it online before downloading it.
Or could it be probably be saving it as .png because am testing with kodular campanion and not direct installation on phone?

Please i need peoples’ idea about the above two issues.

Btw, as far as I know, the TaifunPlayer doesn’t accept amr format.
Try with Player component.

The Download component basically only uses the /Download directory or sub-folders in it.


Ok thanks, i’ll change the audio format to .mp3 then i’ll use download subfolder to specify where i want the files to be saving.
thanks once more, am very greatful.