How to download files in webview

Hi all, i need some help with downloading in webview. how can i download files from webview component? please help me!!

I have tried this already, it didn’t work in companion

Do you get any error message?

Also are you trying it in Android 11?

The companion closed automatically, yes i’m trying in android 11

What happens if you try in compiled apk ?

“ERROR 908: the WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE has been denied, please enable in settings app” shows up when i try compiled apk

Is everything correct?

Please tell me.

How we can download file in Android 10+ if you get any solution then kindly mention here , because it’s really helpful for me & other’s

Try the web component


Location is in data folder but i need in download folder :open_file_folder: how i can

Use download component by kodular

The download problum is already fixed by kodular