How to download files in zip format from Google Drive to /Download folder?

I’m having a problem with the app I’m working on right now
First I used the download located here and the application page does not open and a reboot of the application occurs. I used the developed download from Akani and the application became smooth, but now I want to know how to download files in a zip format from Google Drive to the internal memory of the phone. I want the download to appear in the downloads folder like any file we download I wish someone could send me the method in aia

try the Download extension and then move the files to /Download


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I have done most of the steps and so far the file can be opened after downloading, but it is not in the downloads folder, is there something missing?

You maybe missed this step.

I don’t know what steps to do

This should work on Android 10+ without storage permissions. On Android < 10, WRITE permission must be requested.