How to download image, video, audio files with original name from Airtable/Cloudinary?

I am using Download component for downloading image files from Airtable linked with cloudinary but the name of downloaded image changes to New File etc. I badly need the original name for my quiz app and can’t change the name of every image manually as i have more than 100+ images.

Any piece of help will be appreciable.

you have to do it manually, I guess

i think clodinary or firebase link contains filename with extension so you can extract name from there through procedure and
second thing you can do that before downloading extract filename and download it with this new name. Default Downloader doesn’t have this option you want to this extension “com.ghostfox.moliata.ExtendedWebViewer” from moliata this gives this property

Thank you dear. I will be back after applying this extension

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Thanks bro

i have one problem i made a wallpaper app i linked spreadsheet and a download button but it is telling me only download url and https

Can You tell me how to download files from cloudinary using file URL ?