How to embed web articles in my news app without getting any copyright issues

I actually want to attach news articles and embed it in my app, most importantly how can I segregate them into their respective topics and the news based on their location , that too without having any copyright issues ?
Please help me in this regard as I am a kodular newbie .
Thanks in advance

If you own the contents, you can use them in your app. Otherwise, you should have a written permission to use other’s content.

We can use custom tab but don’t use ads or open link in any browser through activity starter.

Thanks for replying
but how can i get written permission from Nasa and other space agencies? I am just a usual human

Thanks for replying, sounds great and i will implement it and reply

Is it safe to use ? wont it get us into any legal hot water ?

Use activity starter for safety

as I am a koding newbie i don’t know what is activity starter, can you please explain it ?

Search in community

The idea is not to embed any third-party content with in app. When user clicks on any Title, redirect them to the original website using an external browser. That’s what @Lollipop trying to say.

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Ok sure thanks

Oh but can’t we make articles display inside my app itself ?

Safe way is to use activity starter, custom tabs can be used but i’m not very sure about it. Don’t use Web Viewer and Ads