How to enable Upload and download from webview?

(Akza) #1

asalamualaikum, hi guys. this is my first thread here and i want ask about “how enable upload and download from webview?”
for now i using extended webviewer extension and support when download needed, but the issue is cannot upload file when it needed.

(walya_express) #2

You can’t use extended webviewer in Makeroid

(Akza) #3

ehh, why? can you tell me about this?

(David Ningthoujam) #4

Makeroid doesn’t support it. P.S Makeroid has many blocks in web viewer component than other builders

(Akza) #5

so what will happen if i still using this extension?

(David Ningthoujam) #6

It will give an error :sleepy:

(Akza) #7

sory abut that im be beginner here, so i must use download componen?

(Shabihul Qadri) #8

web viewer extension is fully working !
I my self checked it , have downloaded many files!


see here

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