How to encrypting blocks in kodular

can we make our blocks have some security like encrypting it, so that nobody can edit them while editing the aia, only someone with encryption key can decode them and edit them for preventing reselling of an app

Please help :pray::pray:

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Probably not!

Not Possible ?

if you are giving aia then everyone can edit anything, so you dont give aia to anyone, provide only apk.

It’s not a solution i said i want encrypt some blocks :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

encrypt will work for apk not for aia, which you have asked, so your question as you asked that no one can read that blocks or anythin in aia, has simple answer that encryption will not work for aia, it only works for apk or online database. if you can understand everything which a mind can think is not possible LOL. and when someone didnt find solutions they make them, we expect that you are going to make that soon, :laughing: jokes a part, that not possible for aia. if your questions still remains you can read. Cryptography - Kodular Docs


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when you cant understand anything you can say that, its nature that when we cant understand anything we started insulting that, so i feel really sad for you.

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I think it’s possible if kodular team create option to lock aia file and we can set how many people unlock aia file through password (max user limit).

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i think that will be useless, like why you are giving aia to others? they are selling aia and if a user buy aia he have full rights to use it, and if you want to lock aia, then zip it into zip or rar and put a password. simple.

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When I sell any aia then user not have right to resell aia.
If I sell aia to single user license then how we monitor that user not resell our aia

If we make zip then unlimited person access aia .

in aia you cant set single user licence type, because you are not a company which can make a policy to sell officially and take any action against policy violation, only a registered organization can do that.

i’ll selling aia file for personal use not for reselling

Maybe, just maybe, you should be nice a bit and try not to be a bother to anyone with such problem that cannot be solved when human interaction and between a seller and a buyer is involved. If you are to sell your aia, then you are giving them the right to edit and do whatever they want with the aia file – including selling it if they want and you would not even know. If I were you, do not sell your aia but make the app yourself for a client. If you hate kodular, then just leave.

tldr; code the app yourself as the client asks and do not sell your aia because such will give the other party the rights to edit and resell it. go home.

Hey team we need one encryption option for the block because now-a-days some people stealing our project and the resell to other use in very high rates. we need a one option to secure blocks by encryption that no one can open without admin help

i request to you team kodular make some encryption system in kodular



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Not block.need project encryption option

Don’t use usernames in your first post to get attention. I removed it.

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ok sorry i am sorry i don’t know about this

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When you signed up to Kodular, you accepted our terms of service. I will point out this specific point:
You, and not Kodular, are solely responsible for your apps and your use of them.

It isn’t our job to ‘secure’ your project for you. You are responsible for what happens to your app.
The best way to prevent people from stealing your app is to not share the .aia in the first place.