How to enter the system date and time when writing information to firebase?

After I collect some text by clicking the save button, I need to save along with the system date and time in fields in firebase.

Use the blocks from a Clock component to generate your preferred timestamp, then include this in your fields

How do I use this component and save it in firebase? I need to visualize some blocks to understand the logic. Can you help me?

I did it. You can close the post.

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that’s great… then please post your solution into this thread for others, which might have the same question. Thank you.



blocks (10)

the LocationSensor.Enabled property expects a boolean…

Indicates whether the user has specified that the sensor should listen for location changes and raise the corresponding events.

therefore this does not make any sense…


I understand.
However, firebase is getting coordinates from my phone when the command is executed.
Maybe this part of the code is unnecessary to collect the information I need, but it’s working. I will do a test removing these blocks later.
Now I have other questions about other components of kodular. I need to use a selectable list instead of the text box. Should I open another discourse?

yes, new questions = new thread

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