How to false in cardview image

I have a need only title subtitle and content how to false image section in card view extension

i think there is no option in this extension to false image, further extension developer can answer this.

try setting empty block as image or any small image with white color .

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What does your topic title mean?


its our next challenge (challenge no 50)


But we have a problem in our app like our app get more time for show image then we have need false image

this Extension is Not default component of Kodular, so we cant say anything about that, only Extension developer can answer your questions, that extension for made to use with image, so you cant use without image.

for fast load try smaller images.

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yes i have need only title subtitle content and button

If you need a title, subtitle and description you should not use a Cardview. Maybe a listview would be more useful.
The ListView accepts html code, so you can format it to look good.

But how to show in card view

try using dynamic card view.

Maybe paid extension

paid extension( custom list view) but first give a try to dynamic components.

Which extension you are using
Send download link

If that is a paid extension it is not allowed to send a download link.

I konw but I wanted to know about extension

its a free extension, here is link,

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