How to fetch airtable image and shows into dynamic image view

Dear All,

I am unable to fetch the images from Airtable. could anyone help me about this?

you can see the blocks, airtable and result.

Thank you…

Use Image Utilities

Hey, thank you for your quick reply.
I will check this right away and let you know.

yes, Now images are loading, and many thanks to your blocks.

but they are loading far away from one below another. Is there any design changes i need to do for this. i have tried vertical scroll / vertical arrangements, length width -1 / -2, but not getting right.

kindly check.

Do you wish to post a test aia here to check it ?

Yes, Sure, here is my aia file.
Campus.aia (8.1 KB)

Try this, I used dynamic components extension instead of Kodular’s dynamic components because it gives you the ability to set more properties

Campus_1.aia (41.7 KB)

OK, thanks, i will check this right away.

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Yes, its looks perfectly fine.

Thanks, marking it as a solution.

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Using Kodular’s dynamic components

Campus_2.aia (42.0 KB)

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Hi Samir,
I really don’t know regarding Ads. I haven’t reached there yet.

Also in order to help others it would be nice to mark the correct solution to the question you asked which was to use image utilities in order to show images

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If you try like this, i hope it will be fit

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Yes its also work fine.
Thank you…


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