How to fill colour in shapes


everyone i am trying to fill shapes in colour when user tap on any shape.

here is the block i tried.

but i am not able to achieve it any ideas or suggestion on where i could be going wrong.
thank you

Are these shapes imagesprite or made by draw shape?

this shapes are just a image used as background of canva. i dont use canva and animation tools that much so still trying to figure out. okus can we really create shapes like this directly instead of using a image ?

See example using canvas

hey thanks for the link now i can create the shapes but still how i am going to fill these shapes with colour like when user tap on any shape it should be filled with a colour/

Else maybe this might help

This is what i did :
Give the shape unique color, when canvas clicked, we will judge which shape clicked by the pixel color, then re draw the shape.

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