How to filter dynamic listview with spinner?

I have a spinner of length 3 ( Both, Male, Female ) and a dynamic listview.

If I am selecting “Male” in the spinner it shows correct filter.

Even when I am selecting “Both” then also it shows correct filter.

But when I am selecting “Female” it shows nothing in the dynamic listview.

I have used these blocks.

List “global gender” has 4 values “Male”,“Male”,“Male”,“Female”.

Do not use if else then block. Try to use 3 if else blocks separately…

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Did you mean like this?
If yes, then its also not working, even with “Male” also

Yesssss… if it not work, let me know. We wil fix it

This can be easily done with only one if then even no need to work with else also.

if (selection == select list item(list = gender, index = get number) {
    Call the procedure here 

As the you’re not creating any special component for any gender then just call it when the selection is equal to the gender(Use select list item).

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This is the difference between pure coder & developer Vs part time app developer…

Yeah that’s great idea. You can use only one.

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