How to find days since member is registered

hello, I want help in finding days from the date member is registered till now, I have stored the joining date of member in firebase while signup like this:-

then I am trying to get the days from date of joining to current date by calling the joining date from firebase using “if tag” then “get value” like this:-

but when I initialize the screen then I am getting this error:-

Please help.

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Hello, make sure you’re passing a valid string with the required format since it says empty string on the error… Also here is a post you might be interested in.

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I tried even this block setting but it shows some other error, actually I am new to this Community & Kodular so I don’t know how to resolve this problem, how to pass a valid string, I am fetching the joining date directly from firebase.

If you want i can show you my complete block section if you can help me.

I am stuck from many days & tried many times with various methods but every time different errors but no success.

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You can dm me the aia. I’ll try to figure it out. Or post the relevant blocks and your database structure here so that we can help you.

You can check if your string is valid by setting it as the text of a label for example after getting it from your database.


Ill share the screen shot of the entire block now.

Thank you for helping me.

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This is how I store data of member while registering:-

And this is where I want the days to be displayed:-

I have deleted all the blocks related to getting the days since activation. please help.

Can you show me the value you get from firebase?

This is what I get in firebase.

So I am calling the tag name as “DOJ” like, calling the value of “DOJ” & taking the current clock system time & trying to get the days.

I am setting Members mobile number as project bucket & storing the data at the time of registration including joining date like this:-

Now what I want is the days from the joining date till present date. so I want to show the days passed since joining in the members my account page.

i want to know the value you get on the app for the tag “DOJ” because the error says empty string. you can set the value to a label or something like that from the firebase got value block.

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Thank you, will surely check out.

I’ll check what value its providing & let you know. thank you.

I found the Solution, I found one extension for the 2 dates difference so It was solved. thank you for your time & support.
This is the block I setup to get the days between 2 dates:-

And this is the free extension you can help others too if needed:-

DateTools.aix (43.2 KB)

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Great to hear. Keep Koding. :kodular:

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Same to you…

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