How to find list index position via "index in list thing" block?

I got this error when i trying to find index position of my list via “index in list thing”
Error: Select list item: Attempt to get item number 0, of the list (Items) The minimum valid item number is 1.
Aia file for check or solve:
Test (4).aia (4.1 KB)

test this

test4(1).aia (4.7 KB)

Dear @Still-learning,
Thank you so much my one problem was solved.
but can you one more check this aia for my second structure
Testt.aia (4.5 KB)

Testt.aia (5.3 KB)

Test this

Dear @Still-learning,
Thank you so much for again solve my problem,
You are so friendly and I think you are a good person broo!:slightly_smiling_face:

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ops broo i think u didn’t notice that,
same list showing 2times mean correctly not showing after index list thing.

Testt.aia (5.3 KB)

hang on… It was due to length problem also some unnoticed logical issue. solved… sending you now

Test this @Arafat_Junayed

On selecting India :point_down:

On selecting Bangaladesh :point_down:

Testt_2.aia (7.2 KB)

THnks i got sulotions.,
boro cn u help me one more time…?

Can you share it

How can I?

Again Thanks for asking me!:slightly_smiling_face:

1| I want to index these datas in recyclingview by firebase componment,
2| after index ‘when click any cardview’ then shown item main tag - example: 01300000 in (item key label) and item tag - example: 16 in (item tag label)…
here my aia:
FB recyclingview.aia (93.0 KB)

I will check it once I get into my system

I’m w8ing​:relaxed:

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People have lives outside of here, they are not sitting around waiting to do your work for you.

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Dear friend as @deanart2012 said, I am not sitting Infront of pc . As I told you earlier if I sit in pc I will try for it. I away from pc and doing personal work.

Oh It’s ok no problem​:slightly_smiling_face:,
When u free then u cn, i still w8ing​:relaxed:
-good night…

it is just matter of 10min… Just it needs logical sequence

FBrecyclingview_1.aia (93.8 KB)

Many many thank you for helping me.:black_heart:
Your support is so good.
I hope you always stand with us like this…:slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face:
(God Bless you)

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