How to find out the duration of a video

Hello people, I would like to know how to put maximum seconds of a video when the user tries to upload the video to the cloud

???help me

You could try it yourself, why do you want to know, it depends on your phone, the charge, till the app crash,

there is no such thing as a maximum of seconds
you only need enough time and speed for the upload

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I think he meant, how to prevent a user from uploading a video file that is longer than x seconds.

Exactly, I meant that @Taifun

Have you tried something from yourself?

@NDL_Oficial which means the question is “how to find out the duration of a video”…
try the metadata component and its Duration method, see also Metadata - Kodular Docs

PS: I edited the subject of this thread accordingly…

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I am not sure but I think Video Player component has a same block which returns duration of source file in millis…